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Social Ministry


St. Vincent de Paul

Our parish has a  St. Vincent de Paul Society group that reaches to the help of the needy. They accept all kinds of food donations and monitory donations and pool together all resources to help the people in need. The whole parish is behind this association in their endeavor to put in to practice of the teachings o Christ when He said " I was hungry and you fed me, and I was thirsty, and you gave me a drink.."  For more information, contact the coordinator, Joseph Ruiz @ 361-228-2323


The Coordinators:

Altar Servers : Kristy Silguero 361-522-2367, Elvira Ruiz 361-228-3898 or Worthy Gonzalez 361-228-1193

Art & Sanctuary Decoration : Gracie Mercado 361-446-1627

Bereavement : Carmen Guevara 361-522-6021

CCD/RCIC : Mary Pena 361-455-8929

Eucharistic Ministry : Maria Garza 361-592- 7200

Baptismal Preparation : Fred Rodriguez  361-595-7297

Lectors : Rosie Cruz 361-522-0197

Music : Sonny Gonzalez 361- 455-1700, Raymond Mendez 361-455-9636 or Norma Vela: 361-522-7590

Offertory Counting : Jane Riley 361-592-8416

Prayer Group : Maria Sendejo 361-429-3119

Youth: Belinda Delgado 361-595-1615 or Sylvia Arredondo 361-488-8321

Parish Council : Felix Cruz 361-522-9711

Finance Council : Martha Soliz 361-522-3199

Parish Family Fest : Joseph Ruiz 361-228-2323 or Juan Sanchez 361-562-8497